Monday, May 15, 2006

One more, none to go...

Work wise, I go practically stress free except for a few weeks a year. The very worst are one in may, another in november. We host this tournament and every day of the previous week is a pain, and the competition by itself is basically hell. This one proved to be no exception (literally, we were at over 100ยบ ) But I'm glad to say everything went well, and it was the first time in well over 10 years that when it was all over, I didn't stand there thinking "'till next semester."
You see it's very very likely that this was my last one. Or at the very least the last one where I actually have to work. Changes are coming, and they approach quickly. The scary part is I'm not completely sure what those changes will be. I know I'll be in a different place, I know I'll be doing something else. It's the what and the where that're starting to get me. And yesterday, when everything was over, when I was just sitting with my friends, sipping a beer, I had one of those moments. You know what I'm talking about. One of those moments in which you suddenly realize you just took a step, a mark in time you can now officially look back on. "I did good... and most of this crowd will keep doing it in my place... and I'm damned proud of them!" And I couldn't help but smile to myself.
Yes, change is in the wind... and I can't help but wonder what the wind will bring with it.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A vision...

There's been an idea going through my mind lately. I guess it started at the concert on Sunday, then last night I had a good talk with Bondwalker, and a few minutes ago I was talking with my bro. You see, I've been kinda sad lately for missing my friends, missing the kind of friendship we have... we're our real family, and being apart isn't easy.
But then I realized it... we aren't breaking apart: we are just taking over the world !

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Back to the beach: the plan...

A very cool thing came up a couple of weeks ago and I should have blogged it then... but better later than never!
I used to go to summer camp. In Mexico that's not very common, at least not traveling to another city for it. I can safely say that for 6 years I had the time of my life there. I went from being a kid to being a teen al the way to being something resembling an adult. The people I met, the experiences I had, everything I learned not just from camping but from my friends, was nothing short of magical. Believe me, just talking about those years could keep me blogging for weeks.
Well, time has a certain way of passing, and while at the beginning we all kind of kept in touch we mostly drifted apart. Or at the very least I did. That was 10 years ago (ten !! damn!!!) Since then I've had the habit of googling up some of my friends, seeing if something interesting comes up. I learned a few things but I never came up with any addresses or means of contact, until a few weeks ago. I found an email for a girl that was one of my very best friends during those years and in less than 10 hours, I had written her and she'd answered. I have to tell you, it had been a long time since I smiled like that. After 10 freakin' years I had just found someone... and the coolest part was something she told me: she said she'd been wondering for months how the hell she was going to find me, and then she stopped worrying, because she knew I'd find her. And I did. Is that cool or what ?
Of course you realize we just had to meet, so after some discussion, the designated place was playa(was there ever any doubt ?), two weeks from now. The beach will bear witness of a reunion way overdue. And believe me, it will rock. Oh yes, it will rock.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

If he returns, why can't I ?

Damn, I knew I hadn't posted in a while, but I didn't realize it'd been over a month ! Someone should keep track of these things ! (that would be me, yeah, I know)
I was thinking about writing about everything that has kept me away from this blog: my one-sided love life, my desintegrating family, my trying to finance a year abroad, but I think mostly it's been my complete lack of organization, and probably my fear of what would come out if I actually sat down and typed. Which, when you think about it, is kind of ridiculous since the 5 people who do read this probably already know everything I go thru.
But, then again, when I decided to return to the whole internet authorship thing, I told myself I wouldn't just use this space to complain and pity myself, I'd use it to share. So I think I'd rather talk about Monday. A good day after a real crappy day. On Monday I didn't wait for the phone to ring, I just went ahead. And that's important, and I should do it more often. I decided I wanted to play some pool, something I hadn't done since a few months before Bondwalker left. Way too long if you ask me. Me, my cue stick and a michelada... if only there had been good music for all the two hours I spent there, it would have been perfect. Sometimes I really hate jukeboxes...
Then I called up a friend and almost ate a donkey (inside joke hehe) and went to a movie. It was a good day. It wasn't depressing, it was distracting, it was cool. And it was just what I needed. And yesterday, what I needed was to watch the Superman Returns trailer. And it was just sooo cool. You all know I have a serious hero complex. And it made me think. (Yeah, Superman made me think, got a problem with that ? There is one thing I can do better than almost anybody else, and you don't want to find out what it is ! ) So somethings weren't what I hoped they'd be. So life sometimes has a weird sense of humor. So I went away... so what ? Another morning, another day, another life.
Maybe returning isn't such a bad idea after all !